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Christopher Amott
Follow Your Heart
Album Studio

12 juin 2010 (disponible uniquement en format digital téléchargeable)

1. Tibet 5:21
2. Holy Mountain 4:25 
3. Kilimanjaro 3:10 
4. In the Pale Moonlight 4:01 
5. Track #5 3:48
6. Space Song 5:25
7. From Here To There 3:08
8. Lifeline 3:45

Christopher Amott - Chant et Guitare 

© Copyright-Christopher Amott (884502554397)
Record Label: Christopher Amott

Christopher Amott
Album Studio


Embrace The Mystery & Three

16/11/09 Century Media
26/01/10 Century Media
 Existe en edition: CD

ARMAGEDDON – “Embrace The Mystery & Three” 2CD (102:26) Tracklisting:

CD 1 "Embrace The Mystery" (47:45):

1. Awakening (0:38)
2. The Broken Spell (4:29)
3. Blind Fury (4:07)
4. Worlds Apart (3:06)
5. Cry Of Fate (5:07)
6. Illusions Tale (4:22)
7. Moongate Climber (2:45)
8. Embrace The Mystery (3:25)
9. Sleep Of Innocence (3:51)
10. Grain Of Sand (3:38)
11. Worlds Apart (Rehearsal) (3:03) *
12. The Broken Spell (Rehearsal) (3:42) *
13. Die With Your Boots On (Iron Maiden Cover) (5:33) *

* Bonus Tracks

CD 2 "Three" (54:41):

1. Gathering Of The Storm (0:59)
2. Burn The Sun (4:25)
3. Stranglehold (4:39)
4. Heart Of Ice (3:53)
5. Well Of Sadness (6:04)
6. Rainbow Serpent (4:37)
7. Winter Skies (4:02)
8. Final Destination (4:29)
9. Spirit Kiss (2:17)
10. The Contract (5:04)
11. Winter Skies (Demo) (4:05) *
12. Sands Of Time (Demo) (5:46) *
13. Desecration Of Souls (Mercyful Fate Cover) (4:21) *

* Bonus Tracks

Rickard Bengtsson
Christopher Amott
Dick Lowgren
Daniel Erlandsson

Seven Gates
Fire, walk with me
Album Studio

2003 Sound Riot Records 

01-Bounded by hate
02-The saviour
03-Seconds left to live
04-Under the crossed bones
05-So far away
07-Love bullet
08-A dark room of my mind
09-Like a rock (Makek) 
10-The madman inside

JJ Rockford guitars
Mick van Slowfoot
Criss Blackburn vocals
Robert "Basti" Makek guitars
Tim Diaz

Nicola "Butcher" Posa bass

Special guest apperence by:
Chris Amott Guitar

Recorded, mixed and produced by Rickard Bengtsson on various dates between june 26:th to october 30:th in Slaughterhouse Studios 

Album Studio

2002 Toy's Factory

01-Gathering Of The Storm
02-Burn The Sun
04-Heart Of Ice
05-Well Of Sadness
06-Rainbow Serpent
07-Winter Skies
08-Final Destination
09-Spirit Kiss
10-The Contact

Christopher Amott
Tobias Gustafsson
Daniel Erlandsson

A Guitar Odyssey
A tribute to Yngwie Malmsteen
Album Studio

2001 Dwell

01-Big Foot - Chris Amott
02-Too Young To Die, Too Drunk To Live - Stormwind
03-Hiroshima Mon Amour - Wicked Ways
04-Icarus Dream Suite - Treasure Land
05-Little Savage - Firewind
06-Disciples Of Hell - Mayadome
07-I'm A Viking - Pathos
08-Anguish and Fear - Destiny
09-Fire - Daniel L. Dalley & Power
10-Dark Ages - Carljohan Grimmark Of Narnia
11-Rising Force - Evergrey
12-Bedroom Eyes - Mike Chlasciak
13-Yngwie 2000 - Mattias "JA" Eklundh

In flames
Album Studio

2000 Nuclear Blast 

01-Bullet Ride
02-Pinball Map
03-Only For The Weak
04-...As The Future Repeats Today
05-Square Nothing
07-Satellites And Astronauts
08-Brush The Dust Away
10-Suburban Me (*)
11-Another Day In Quicksand 

Anders Fridén
Jesper Strömblad
Björn Gelotte
Peter Iwers
Daniel Svensson
(*)solo de Christopher Amott 

Embrace The Mystery
Album Studio

2000 Toy's Factory

02-Broken Spell
03-Blind Fury
04-Worlds Apart
05-Cry Of Fate
06-Illusion's Tale
07-Moongate Climber
08-Embrace The Mystery
09-Sleep Of Innocence
10-Grain Of Sand

Rickard Bengtsson
Christopher Amott
Dick Lowgren
Daniel Erlandsson

Mercyful Fate
Album Studio

1997 Listenable Records 

01-Black Funeral - Luciferion
02-Black Masses - Sacramentum
03-A Dangerous Meeting - Gardenian
04-Evil - Live - Snowy Shaw
05-Desecration Of Souls - Armageddon
06-Gypsy - Emperor
07-The Oath - Withering Surface
08-Doomed By The Living Dead - Misanthrope
09-My Demon - Dimension Zero
10-Satan's Fall - Immolation
11-Lady In Black - Dark Tranquility
12-Nuns Have No Fun - Deceased
13-Into The Coven - Notre Dame 

Crossing The Rubicon
Album Studio

1997 WAR records

03-The Juggernaut Divine
04-Astral Adventure
05-Funeral In Space
06-Asteroid Dominion
07-Galaxies Away
09-Children Of The New Sun
10-Into The Sun

Jonas Nyren
Christopher Amott
Martin Bengtsson
Peter Wildoer

Sweden’s ARMAGEDDON are the melodic metal project of Arch Enemy guitarist Chris Amott and “Embrace The Mystery & Three” finally sees their second (“Embrace The Mystery”) and third (“Three”) albums getting a proper and domestic release outside of Japan, where they originally came out back in the years 2000 and 2002, respectively. “Embrace The Mystery & Three” will be released as 2CD set with upgraded artwork, several bonus tracks and liner notes on November 16th, 2009 in Europe and on January 26th in North America via Century Media Records.

Chris Amott comments the release as follows: “It is with great pleasure that I announce the first time ever release of these albums in Europe and the US! Any fan of melodic hard rock and shred guitar playing should check this out - "Embrace the Mystery" and "Three" feature many great instrumental performances and epic songs! These two albums were recorded in 2000 and 2002 and have until only been available in Japan. I put a lot of work into these recordings at the time, so I am glad to see them come out!”

Originally formed in Halmstad / Sweden in 1997, ARMAGEDDON was launched as a melodic death metal act with their debut album “Crossing The Rubicon” released via the now defunct W.A.R. Records label in Europe and Toy's Factory in Japan. Next to guitarist and mastermind Chris Amott, the album also featured drummer Peter Wildoer (Darkane, Majestic, now also in Pestilence) and bassist Martin Bengtsson, who both then moved on to join Arch Enemy, recording, releasing and touring Arch Enemy’s 1998 “Stigmata” release. Chris revisited ARMAGEDDON with 2000's “Embrace The Mystery” album, once again released in Japan on Toy's Factory but never available internationally. This album presented a rather melodic and traditional metal approach and featured Last Tribe member Rickard Bengtsson on vocals, Dick Lövgren on bass (now member of Meshuggah but previously tour-bassist for bands like Eucharist, Arch Enemy or In Flames) as well as Arch Enemy drummer Daniel Erlandsson (also previously active with Eucharist and In Flames and with the re-united Carcass these days). Following the album’s release ARMAGEDDON supported In Flames and The Haunted on a Japanese tour, which remain the only live-performances for the band until now. In 2002 ARMAGEDDON released their third and so far last album exclusively in Japan again. Simply entitled “Three”, it showcases ARMAGEDDON as a three-piece with Chris Amott handling all vocal duties next to playing guitar as well as Daniel Erlandsson on drums and new bassist Tobias Gustafsson (Eucharist).

The “Embrace The Mystery & Three” 2CD set marks the long-overdue international release of these two jewels of modern Scandinavian melodic metal, not only including the full original versions of both albums packaged in a revamped version of the original “Embrace The Mystery” artwork by Niklas Sundin (Dark Tranquillity, Arch Enemy, In Flames), but also comes with 6 special bonus tracks (demo and rehearsal songs as well as cover versions of Iron Maiden and Mercyful Fate) and liner notes by Chris Amott. “Embrace The Mystery & Three” isn’t only an essential historical release for collectors of the mentioned main bands of the involved high-quality players but with its total of 26 tracks and +100 minutes of playing time it also represents a worthwhile purchase for supporters of the melodic metal genre in general!


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