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Spiritual Beggars
RETURN TO LIVE: Loud Park 2010

16 Mars 2011

01. Left Brain Ambassador

02. Beneath The Skin
03. One Man Army
04 Wonderful World
05. Fools Gold
06. Star Born
07. Concrete Horizon
08. Euphoria

Michael Amott (ARCH ENEMY, CARCASS) – Guitars 
Ludwig Witt (FIREBIRD) – Drums
Per Wiberg (OPETH) – Keyboards
Sharlee D'Angelo (ARCH ENEMY, WITCHERY) – Bass
Apollo Papathanasio (FIREWIND) – Vocals

 The disc features eight songs, capturing the bands high-energy performance at Loud Park 10 at Saitama Super Arena, Japan on October 17 2010. 

The live recording was mixed in Sweden by Staffan Karlsson and Rickard Bengtsson at STUDIO LANDGREN 5.3 and THE SWEET SPOT STUDIO, December 2010.
Artwork and design by Hippograffix.

Spiritual Beggars
Return To Zero
Album Studio

Europe : 30 août 2010 - Inside Out Music (41212 IOMCD 061)
Japon : 30 août 2010 - Trooper Entertainment Inc

01. Return To Zero [Intro]
02. Lost In Yesterday
03. Star Born
04. The Chaos Of Rebirth
05. We Are Free
07. Coming Home
08. Concrete Horizon
09. A New Dawn Rising
10. Believe In Me
11. Dead Weight
12. The Road Less Travelled
13. Time To Live* (Uriah Heep Cover)


*Japanese Bonus Track

Michael Amott (ARCH ENEMY, CARCASS) – Guitars
Ludwig Witt (FIREBIRD) – Drums
Per Wiberg (OPETH) – Keyboards
Sharlee D'Angelo (ARCH ENEMY, WITCHERY) – Bass
Apollo Papathanasio (FIREWIND) – Vocals

Album Studio

2007 SPV Records

01. Clown Parade (feat. Jeff Loomis)
02. Couple Suicide (feat. Danko Jones & Angela Gossow)
03. Army Of One (feat. Steve "Lips" Kudlow)
04. Downright Dominate (feat. Alexi Laiho)
05. Smothered (feat. Anders Björler)
06. Operation Annihilation (feat. Michael Amott)
07. Haunted (feat. Jesper Strömblad)
08. Kicked (feat. Corey Beaulieu)
09. Detonation (feat. Jacob Lynam)
10. Chasing The High (feat. William Adler) 

Dave Padden
Jeff Waters
Curran Murphy
Russell Bergquist
Mike Mangini 

Spiritual Beggars
Live Fire
Live DVD

21 Décembre 2005 (Japan on Toy’s Factory)
27 Janvier 2006 (Germany on InsideOut Music/SPV Distr.)
30 Janvier 2006 (Rest of Europe/InsideOut Music/SPV Distr). 

1. Intro (excerpt from ‘Street Fighting Saviours’)
2. Beneath The Skin
3. Fool’s Gold
4. Monster Astronauts
5. Angel Of Betrayal
6. Young Man, Old Soul
7. Blind Mountain
8. Mantra
9. Wonderful World
10. Killing Time
11. Not Fragile
12. Euphoria 

 Michael Amott : guitars
JB : vocals
Ludwig Witt : drums
Roger Nilson : bass
Per Wiberg : keyboards, vocals

Slideshow, MonsterGroove ’03 (On-the-road movie), 
Interviews with Michael Amott and JB,
Discography, History…

The DVD also comes with a folded poster.

Dolby Digital 2.0: English
DTS 5.1: English

Produced & Edited by Paul Smith and Sanctuary Artist Management

Audio Mixed by Andy Sneap

MonsterGroove ’03 (On-the-road movie) edited by M. Eriksson

Spiritual Beggars
Album Studio

24 mars 2005 - japon

01-Inner Strength 
02-Throwing Your Life Away 
03-Salt In Your Wounds 
04-One Man Army 
05-Through The Halls 
06-Treading Water 
07-Dying Every Day 
08-Born To Die 
09-Born To Die (reprise) 
10-In My Blood 
12-Sleeping With One Eye Open 
13-No One Heard 

CD Bonus Japonais :

Le premier pressage Japonais (digipack) contient un CD BONUS live de 8 chansons enregistré à AX Shibuya le 18/04/2003.

01-Monster astronaut
02-Angel of betrayal
03-Young man, old soul
04-Wonderful world
05-Blind mountain
06-Guitar Solo
07-Look back
08-Not fragile (Bachman Turner Overdrive)

Pochette Japonaise

Michael Amott
JB - vocals
Ludwig Witt
Sharlee D'angelo
Per Wiberg 
keyboards, vocals

Produced by Fredrik Nordstrom and Michael Amott
Co-Produced by Rickard Bengtsson

Enemy Of God
Album Studio

Janvier 2005 SPV records

01. Enemy of Go
02. Impossible Brutallity
03. Suicide Terrorist
04. World Anarchy
05. Dystopia
06. Voices of the Dead
07. Murder Fantasies (*)
08. When Death Takes it´s Dominion
09. One Evil Comes - A Million Follow
10. Dying Race Apocalypse
11. Under a Total Blackened Sky
12. The Ancient Plague
13. Impossible Brutality (video clip) Bonus DVD - "making of" from the studio - videoclip and EPK of "Impossible Brutality" - 2 live songs: "Violent Revolution" and "Phobia" - DVD 5 - PAL - approx. 25 minutes - FSK 12

Mille petrozza - guitar & vocals
jürgen " Ventor " Reil-drums
Christian Giesler - bass
Sami Yli-Sirniö - guitar
(*)solo de Michael Amott

Choice Cuts
Compilation Best Of

2004 Earache Records (MOSH220)

1. Genital Grinder
2. Maggot Colony
3. Exhume to Consume
4. Swarming Vulgar Mass of Infected Virulency
5. Tools of The Trade (*)
6. Corporeal Jigsore Quandary (*)
7. Incarnate Solvent Abuse (*)
8. Buried Dreams (*)
9. No Love Lost (*)
10. Heartwork (*)
11. Keep on Rotting in The Free World
12. R**k the Vote
13. This Is Your Life

Bonus Tracks: From Peel sessions 02.01.89

14. Crepitating Bowel Erosion
15. Slash Dementia
16. Cadaveric Incubator of Endoparasites
17. Reek of Putrefaction

Peel Sessions 16.12.90

18. Empathological Necrotism
19. Foeticide
20. Fermenting Innards
21. Exhume to Consume

Bill Steer
Mike Amott (*)
Jeff Walker
Ken Owen
Mike Hickey

The Haunted
One Kill Wonder
Album Studio

2003 earache records

01. Privation of Faith Inc. (intro)
02. Godpuppet
03. Shadow Land
04. Everlasting
05. D.O.A.
06. Demon Eyes
07. Urban Predator
08. Downward Spiral
09. Shithead
10. Bloodletting(*)
11. One Kill Wonder

Bonus track for Sweden: Creed
Bonus track for Japan: Ritual

Anders Björler
Jonas Björler
Marco Aro
Jensen Per
Möller Jensen
(*)solo de Michael Amott 

Spiritual Beggars
On Fire
Album Studio

2002 MFN

01-Street fighting saviors
02-Young man, Old soul
03-Killing time
04-Fools gold
05-Black feathers
06-Beneath the skin
07-Fejee mermaid (instr.)
08-Dance of the dragon king
09-Tall tales
10-The lunatic fringe
11-Look back
12-Burden of dreams (japan+Limited Euro bonus track)
13-Blood of the sun (Japan bonus track)

Pochette Digipack

michael amott
ludwig witt
roger nilsson

The Quill
Voodoo Caravan
Album Studio

 2002 SPV

Voodoo Caravan
Sell No Soul
Shapes Of Afterlife (*)
Until Earth Is Bitter Gone
(Wade Across) The Mighty River
Save Me
Hole In My Head
Travel Without Moving

Magnus Ekwall
Christian Carlsson
Roger Nilsson
Jolle Atlagic
(*)solo de Michael Amott

Spiritual Beggars
Ad Astra
Album Studio

2000 MFN

01-Left Brain Ambassadors 
02-Wonderful World 
04-Angel Of Betrayal 
06-Per Aspera Ad Astra 
07-Save Your Soul 
08-Until The Morning 
09-Escaping The Fools 
10-On Dark Rivers 
11-The Goddess 
13-Let The Magic talk (japon & digipack europeen)
14-It's Over (japon)

Michael Amott
Per Wiberg
Ludwig Witt

Spiritual Beggars
Violet Karma
10" Vinyl


Side A:
EUPHORIA (Alternative Version)
IF YOU SHOULD LEAVE (Previously Unreleased)

Side B:
MUSHROOM TEA GIRL(10 minute Mad Jam Version)


Michael Amott
Per Wiberg
Ludwig Witt

Spiritual Beggars
Mantra III
Album Studio

1998 MFN

Homage to the betrayed 
Monster astronaut 
Broken morning 
Lack of prozac 
Bad karma 
Send me a smile 
Cosmic romance 
Inside charmers 
Sad queen boogie 
Mushroom tea girl 
The band is playing (Japan Bonus Track)

Re-issue bonus tracks:
EUPHORIA (Alternative Mix)


Michael Amott
Ludwig Witt

Dactylis Glomerata
Album Studio

1998 MFN 237


02-I Still See the Black 
06-Abstract Sun 
08-Lidocain God 


Bjorn Flödkvist
Mike Amott
Leif Edling
Carl Westholm
Jejo Perkovic 

Compilation Best Of

1997 Toy's factory (TFCK-87138-39)

1. Genital Grinder
2. Regurgitation Of Giblets
3. Reek Of Putrefaction
4. Exhume To Consume
5. Embryonic Necropsy And Devourment
6. Inpropagation
7. Corporal Jigsore Quandary (*)
8. Incarnated Solvent Abuse (*)
9. Buried Dreams (*)
10. Heartwork (*)
11. This Mortal Coil (*)
12. Death Certificate (*)
13. Rot 'N' Roll (*)
14. Keep On Rotting In The Free World
15. Tomorrow Belongs To Nobody
16. Polarized
17. Generation Hexed
18. R**k The Vote


1. Edge Of Darkness
2. Emotional Flatline
3. Ever Increasing Circles
4. Blood Spattered Banner
5. I Told You So (Corporate Rock Rearly Does Suck)
6. Buried Dreams (Live) (*)
7. No Love Lost (Live) (*)
8. Rot 'N' Roll (Live) (*)
9. Edge Of Darkness (Live) (*)
10. Corporal Jigsore Quandary (Live) (*)
11. Incarnated Solvent Abuse (Live) (*)
12. Exhume To Consume (Live) (*)
13. Carnal Forge (Live) (*)
14. Heartwork (Live) (*)

Bill Steer
Mike Amott (*)
Jeff Walker
Ken Owen
Mike Hickey

Disc-1 Selected by Tetsu Miyamoto Disc-2 M-1~9 Taken From "Wake Up And Smell The Carcass" M-10~12 From Live Recording At Milano, 92/4/30 M-13,14 From Live Recording At Kawasaki, 94/5/10

Spiritual Beggars
Another Way To Shine
Album Studio

1996 MFN

Magic Spell 
Blind Mountain 
Misty Valley 
Picking from the box 
Nowhere To Go 
Entering into peace 
Sour Stains 
Another way to shine 
Past The Sound Of Whispers

Re-issue Bonus Track:
Broken Morning (1996 Demo)


Michael Amott
Ludwig Witt

Architects of perversion

1994 Repulse Records 

01-Architects of perversions
02-Coagulated seminal fluids
03-Stairway to hell
04-Hammer cottered rectum
05-Rigid anatomy art  

Per Gyllenbäck
Johan Axelsson
Rikard Wermén
Jean-Paul Asenov
(Michael Amott) 

Spiritual Beggars
Spiritual Beggars
Album Studio

1994 Wrong Again
2001 Regain Records (re-issue)

Yearly Dying 
The Space Inbetween 
If This Is All 
Under Silence 
Magnificent Obsession

Blind Mountain (Japanese bonus track) 
Nowhere To Go (Japanese bonus track) 
Sour Stains (Japanese bonus track) 
If You Should Leave (Japanese bonus track)

Pochette réédition


Michael Amott
Ludwig Witt

Album Studio

1993 Earache Records
2008 Earache Records Réédition (MOSH097CDD)

01-Buried Dreams
02-Carnal Forge
03-No Love Lost
06-This Mortal Coil
07-Arbeit Macht Fleisch
08-Blind Bleeding The Blind
09-Doctrinal Expletives
10-Death Certificate

Infos réédition:

DVD 'The Pathologist's Report (Pt.4)' 30 min brand new documentary with all key band members - Ken Owen, Bill Steer, Jeff Walker, Mike Amott- filmed in London and Liverpool 2007.


01. Lyrical Inspiration + Themes
02. Parr Street Studios
03. Colin Richardson As Producer
04. HR Giger
05. Were Your Hearts Still Into The Work?
06. Touring The Album
07. Veggies And Vegans
08. The Importance Of Mike
09. Mike's Departure
10. Arbeit Macht Fleisch

Bonus Disc tracklist:

'The Heartwork Demos'

01. Blind Leading the Blind
02. Buried Dreams
03. Carnal Forge
04. Death Certificate
05. Deliverance
06. Doctrinal Expletives
07. Heartwork
08. No Love Lost
09. This Mortal Coil
10. Arbeit Macht Frei

Bill Steer
Mike Amott
Jeff Walker
Ken Owen

Those Shredded Dreams
Album Studio

1993 STEP ONE Records
2010 Vic Records - Réédition (VIC031DCD)

01-Damage Done (*)
02-Nothing Forever (*)
06-Those Shredded Dreams (+)




Infos réédition Vic records 2010 (VIC031DCD)

Pochette réédition


1. Damage Done
2. Nothing Forever
3. Razorblades
4. Desertion
5. Sharkheaven
6. Those Shredded Dreams

Desertion – video


DISC II: Bonus tracks
1. Hymn for Nathalie Rose (1993 demo)
2. Heart Inferno (1993 demo)
3. Only Inhuman (Demo 1992)
4. Buried Alive (Venom cover 1993)
5. Sharkheaven (Live 1993)
6. Razorblades (Live 1993)
7. Day Man Lost (Carnage cover, Live 1993)
8. Nothing Forever (Live 1993)
9. Desertion (Demo 1991
10. Shark Heaven (Demo 1991)



Johan Axelsson (Liiva) - Vocals & Strings
Max Thornell - Drums & Keyboards
Guest Lead Guitar On (*) By Michael Amott.
Guest Satanic Violin Of Doom On (+) By Lach`n Jonsson 

Produced By Michael Amott. 
Recorded By Lach`n At Forest Studio,January 1992

Spiritual Beggars
Demo Tape
K7 Demo

1993 Demo Tape

01 - Under Silence
02 - Pelekas
03 - If This Is All


Michael Amott
Ludwig Witt

Tools Of The Trade

1992 Earache Records

01-Incarnated Solvent Abuse
02-Tools Of The Trade
03-Pyosified (Still Rotten To The Gore)
04-Hepatic Tissue Fermentation II

Bill Steer
Mike Amott
Jeff Walker
Ken Owen

Necroticism - Descanting the Insalubrious
Album Studio

1991 Earache
2008 Earache Réédition (MOSH042CDD)

02-Corporal Jigsore Quandary
03-Symposium Of Sickness
04-Pedigree Butchery
05-Incarnated Solvent Abuse
06-Carneous Cacoffiny
07-Lavaging Expectorate of Lysergide Composition
08-Forensic Clinicism/The Sanguine Article

Infos rééditions 2008:

CD Side:

01. Inpropagation
02. Corporal Jigsore Quandary
03. Symposium of Sickness
04. Pedigree Butchery
05. Incarnated Solvent Abuse
06. Carneous Cacoffiny
07. Lavaging Expectorate of Lysergide Composition
08. Forensic Clinicism/The Sanguine Article

+ Bonus Tracks:

09. Tools of the Trade
10. Pyosified (Still Rotten to the Gore)
11. Hepatic Tissue Fermentation II

DVD Side:

'The Pathologist's Report (Pt.3)' 30 min brand new documentary with all key band members - Ken Owen, Bill Steer, Jeff Walker, Mike Amott- filmed in London and Liverpool 2007.


01. Mike's Musical Input
02. A Label For Release
03. Corporal Jigsore Quandary
04. Achieving The Sound
05. The Album Imagery
06. Classical Carcass
07. Meaning Of The Album Title
08. Back To The Rehearsal Room
09. Red Dwarf 'Smeg + The Heads'
10. Death Threats

Bill Steer
Mike Amott
Jeff Walker
Ken Owen

Dark Recollections
Album Studio

1990 Necrosis
2000 Earache Records Réédition

01-Dark Recollections
02-Torn Apart
03-Blasphemies Of The Flesh
04-Infestation Of Evil
05-Gentle Exuming
06-Derange From Blood
07-Malignant Epitaph
08-Self Dissection
09-Death Evocation

Bonus tracks réédition :

11-Crime Against Humanity*
13-The Day Man Lost*
14-Crime Against Humanity**
16-The Day Man Lost**
17-Torn Apart***
18-Infestation of Evil***

Pochette réédition

Matti Karki
David Blumkvist
Michael Amott
Johnny Dordevic
Fred Estby

*from "The Day Man Lost" demo '89
**Rough mixes from "The Day Man Lost"
***from the "Infestation of Evil" demo '89
Tracks 1-10 Recorded at Studio Sunlight Feb '90 Produced by Tomas Skogsberg, Fred Estby and Michael Amott Music and lyrics by Michael Amott, Fred Estby, and Carnage Tracks 11-18 recorded in Sweden '89
Vocals on tracks 11-18 by Johan Liiva (Axelsson)
Drums on tracks 11-16 by Jeppe Larsson

Live Stockholm Sweden 4.11.89

Vinyl 7"

Johan Liiva
Michael Amott
Johnny Dordevic
Fred Estby

The Day Man Lost

1989 K7 Tape Auto product

01. Crime Against Humanity
02. Aftermath
03. The Day Man Lost

Running Time: 4 mins and 38 seconds

Jesper Larsson-drums
Johnny Dordevic-guitar
Michael Amott-guitar
Johan Axelsson-bass/vocals

Infestation Of Evil

1989 Promotion Cassette

01. Torn Apart
02. Infestation Of Evil

Fred Estby-drums
Johnny Dordevic-bass
Michael Amott-guitar
Johan Axelsson-/vocals

Recorded and mixed at MARKSTUDIO
11 - 12th November 89

Engineered by Mats Andersson
Produced by CARNAGE
Cover artwork: Jeff (Carcass)

Early Band

DISACCORD were formed in 1983 by the "Novak brothers" (Ralph/Smooth Ray) out of the ashes of "Vicious Uniforms", both bands located in Halmstad. DISACCORD later moved to the region "SMÅLAND". During the years of the band existence 1983 - 1989 several members went in and out of the group, but the "Novak brothers" always remained in DISACCORD through the years. The other members were:

Puppe vocals/guitar, Atti guitar 1984-1986, Michael "Heavy metal" Amott guitar 1983-1984/1986-1988, Anders "Hallisen" Hallberg (RIP) guitar 1988-1989, Jalle vocals 1986-1987.



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